New Book in DAISY Format "A Lamp for Nightfall"

Author: Erskine Caldwell
Book title: A Lamp for Nightfall
Narrator: Nebojša Skenderi [Neboysha Skenderi]
Duration: 5 hours and 12 minutes
No. of pages in black print: 173
Publisher: Grafički zavod [grafitchkee zavod]
Place and year of publishing: Titograd [Tittograd], 1964

About the book:

Without any fear of repeating himself, Erskine Caldwell once again describes the history of a family, its ruin. It is about the "disappearing" of true Americans. With an extraordinary sense of humour, Caldwell deals with the richest man in Maine ridiculing his stinginess. In the series of declines, there happens one more to inveterate Thede Emerson that will hit him the most: after parting with his son, he commits suicide because his father would not give him $ 500 for the trip to University. Thede loses his daughter, too, as she gets married to Gervais, a French Canadian, the typical example of a sub-race in the eyes of Thede. 


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