New Book in DAISY Format “The Choice”

Author: Samantha King

Book title: The Choice           

Narrator: Vesna Jaćimović

Duration: 9 hours and 53 minutes

No. pf pages in black print: 334

Publisher: Laguna

Place and year of publishing: Belgrade, 2018

About the book:

What if you can save but one child?

A remarkable novel of an exceptionally talented writer which explores the terrible scenario from the Sophia’s choice: what if you had to choose between one of your children?

A perfect summer day for a celebration of the tenth birthday. Maddie  happily puts the candles on the cake and chats with her daughter and son, twins that are looking forward to their presents,party and hanging out with their friends. However,one sound – the door bel – is enough to bring anxiety in the birthday mood. One scene – a great shadow that obscures the summer day – is enough to bring everything down in a split of a second. Choose, bitch.

Maddieis forced to make a decision that is the worst nightmare for any mother: to choose which child she would sacrifice, and which she would save. The act that will irreversibly affect the lives of the whole family.

Exceptionally insightful and cleverly designed, “The Choice” by Samantha King is a psychological thriller that takes us on an exciting and tense journey through the human mind.

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