New Book in DAISY Format “Seme mraka”

Author: Iva Kolega [Eva Collega]

Book title: Seme mraka (the seed of darkness)

Narrator: Vesna Jaćimović [Vesna Yachimovich]

Duration: 7 hours and 59 minutes

No. of pages in black print: 293

Publisher: Laguna

Place and year of publishing: Belgrade, 2018

About the book:

Iris [E-rese] is a housewife and a mother of three and lives in a typically dysfunctional family. Her eldest daughter Dijana [Deana] broke off contact with her family after giving birth to a child in the fourth grade of high school and went to Hamburg with her boyfriend. Younger Julija [Uleah], whose apartment was bought to her by her parents so she would not travel long to school, visits her family only when her father explicitly orders her to. And while he, more and more exposed to stress at work, finds consolation in alcohol and younger mistresses, emotionally neglected Iris is mainly occupied with browsing the black chronicle and care for the ten-year old son Luka.

When she read the news about one rape, and then another, happened in the city, Iris begins to suspect her husband: he had been outside their home at that time, and got back with bloody clothes, with scratches on his body. Was her Saša [Sasha] the monster all the city talks about? Overwhelmed with trepidation, Iris literally awaits the next rape, her life turns into hell, and the final discovery of the truth is scarier than anything she could have imagined.

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