New Book in DAISY Format “Prva crnogorska policija”

Author: Čedo Baćović[Che-do Bahchovich]

Book title: Prva crnogorska policija [pervaTsbernoggorskapollitsia] (the first Montenegrin police)

Narrator: Dejan Đonović [Deyan Jonovich]

Duration: 1 hour and 48 minutes

No. of pages in black print: 108

Publisher: Pobjeda A. D. [pob-yedah]

Place and year of publishing: Podgorica [Podgoritsa], 2006

About the book:

Brilliantly dressed and richly armed, the young and brave guardians of the ruler, his right hand, eye and ear, a special kind of tribal mediators, the panache bearers aroused both fear and respect and envyin the people. Such was the panache bearer in the time of Njegoš, Prince Danilo and the first period of the reign of Nicholas I. The service of the panache bearers was finally reduced,by the end of the reign of Nicholas I, to a militarily organized company of the ruler’s bodyguard.

Nikola Škerović [Nikola Shkerovich]

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