New 86th Issue of Magazine "Glas" for May 2018

The Magazine “Glas” (Voice) for May 2018 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.
You have, before you, a word from the editress and the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your "Glas" (Voice).

Dear readers,


With the arrival of the first days of June, there also arrived to you our “Glas” (Voice) for the previous month. The month in which our Library obtained a significant acknowledgement – award for the improvement of the educational process on this year’s book fair. That acknowledgement is one more incentive and motivation to keep on doing our demanding and complex process of programme activities aiming at creation of a quality framework so that as many black print titles are made available to their users. Therefore, our first column in the magazine, along with numerous relevant things, is abundant with contributions dedicated to the fair of books and education.
By the end of 2015, we began socialising with Ranko Burić [Rahnko Buritch] and his collection of fragments on Serbian radiophony. In this issue, we publish the last fragment dedicated to Arsenije Jovanović [Ahrsehniyeh Yovanovich]. The column “Literature”, besides the usual critics and poetry, has many unusual reviews on the creativity of Ivo Andrić and Desanka Maksimović [Dehsanka Maximovich]. We also bring some selected texts from domestic daily print news, and the columns “Philosophy” and “Religion” have two new, interesting, as we believe, lectures. In the third column, we continue to introduce you to new musical forms, but also with the well-known composers of classical music.
We hope that, with this issue of “Glas”, we have justified the expectations of our faithful readers and that, in the selected contents of the magazine, there will be something for everyone.

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