Double 88th-89th Issue of the Magazine "Glas" Issued for July and August 2018.

The Magazine “Glas” (Voice) for July and August 2018 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.
You have, before you, a word from the editress and the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your "Glas" (Voice).

A word from the editress

Dear readers,

Beside the beginnings and obligations that are always an association to the first September days, we have prepared a new issue of the magazine “Glas” (Voice) for the moments of break of our faithful readers. Like all of those years, that is the double issue for July and August. With numerous contributions divided into seven columns, we believe that we will justify the expectations of our readers.
Although it was a period of holidays, the regular activities were implemented in our Library in reduced dynamics. Recording audio books, printing titles in Braille letters, taking part in the Book Fair in Herceg Novi are only a part of those activities. We did our best to follow the happenings on the most relevant festivals of art and culture in Montenegro and we took over the most interesting texts from dailies and periodicals. You will find, in this issue, too, the texts from scientific achievements and technology.
Our readers have spent dozens of hours with the brilliant work of Archimandrite Tihon Ševkunov [Shevkunov] Nesveti, a Sveti [nesvehti, a svehti] (not saints, yet holy). There are told touching human stories about life and death, people and the unhuman, faith and unbelief, truth and the other side of the truth. In this issue, read the last excerpt called just like the book - Nesveti a sveti. Other columns, too, are filled with interesting contributions from literature, philosophy, music,…

Until the next issue, we greet you cordially

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