The New 90th Issue of the Magazine "Glas" for September 2018.

The Magazine “Glas” (Voice) for September 2018 is published and distributed to the users in country and abroad.
You have, before you, a word from the editress, as well as the overview of the contents for this issue of our and your "Glas" (Voice).

A word from the editress,

Dear readers,

The first days of October bring us the magazine “Glas” for the previous month, too, and seven columns in it that you have already got used to being filled with various contents. In the month behind us, there was not missing the regular activity of recording books and printing them in Braille letters. We organized a film screening for our regular members, a delegation of the Library stayed in Poland, on the beginning of the month, visiting their culture institutions. We inform you about that within the first column.
We have enriched the column Literature with the poetry of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj [Yovan Yovanovich Ze-my] intended to the youngest, and to all of those who like to peek into the magical world of childhood. The third part of the magazine, as usual, brings the selected notes from the Homer’s world of artistic music. The selection for the theatre critics is comprised of an interesting text by Veselin Radunović from his posthumously issued book Teatralije [teatrahlieh]. In its two volumes, the book is a true treasure of the theatrical history and duration in Montenegro, wherefore our readers will have the opportunities to read the interviews, notes, critics, reviews of the most important theatre critic in our country, as considered by many, in the following issues of “Glas”.
In the previous month, a distinguished doctor, psychiatrist, neuropsychiatrist, academician Vladeta Jerotić [Vladetta Yerotich] left this world. Although we published one of his lectures in the previous issue, which was in making at the time of his death, in this issue, too, we bring an interview with Jerotić, who knew how to talk in a special way about what we fear from. Who made us find the way how not to have that fear any more. Find out through this interview, too, what made professor Jerotić so special. Was that his calmness, simplicity, modesty or our need for a beautiful, oral word, warmth and sincerity.
The remaining columns are also filled with interesting contents which will, hopefully, find the right way to its dear readers.

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