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The 3D Exhibition“Montenegro Beauties at Your Fingertips”Available forPeople in Herceg Novibythe 19th

Exhibition called “Montenegro Beauties at Your Fingertips” is openedtill 12th Marchin the premises of Public InstitutionCity Museum“Mirko Komnenović”[Mere-koKomnenovich]. Visitors can see or experience by touchculture and historical and naturalsightsof Montenegromade in 3D format.

The project implemented byMontenegro State Lending Library for the Blind, and supported by the Council of Europe and European Commission,includes making of 23 cultural, tourist and historical exhibits– monuments of Montenegro in 3D, accompanied by audio guides in our language and in English, as well as short texts in black press and in Braille.

Directress of the Museum and Galleries Slavica Božović [SlahvitsaBozhovich] emphasised thatpubic institutions such aslibraries and museumshad certaincultural responsibility thereby making the mutual cooperation have a wider social relevance. She thanked, first of all, to the Director of the Library for the Blind Božidar Denda[Bozhidar Denda]and the project coordinator Ivana Peruničić [Ivana Perunichich] on an ideathat both that public institution and the town of Herceg Novi[] be in position to offer their audience such a valuable and educational content.

The project that this exhibition originated from, “Montenegro Beauties at Your Fingertips”, in the competition of 84 projects from the whole of Europe, this was the only project from Montenegro that was granted fundsby the EuropeanCommission and Council of Europe, whereby it qualified among the best accomplishmentsof the European culture heritage. 

Božidar Denda, Directorof the Library for the Blind, said that the wish of the project team, during the competition, was, primarily, tomake a reminder of the cultural treasure and valuesof tourist and archeologiclocalities, located in our vicinityfor not only persons with visual impairments, but to the widest circle of the interested parties.

At the exhibition opening, Counsellor to the President of Herceg Novi Municipality Tamara Vujović[TummurraVuyovich]emphasised that the strength of a society reflects in how much it cared about persons with disabilities, as well as in how able it is to mitigate their disabilities and their effects on individuals, their families and society.

The selection of motifs and sights characteristic of different Montenegrin regions, as well as multimedia feature of the exhibitionattracted the notice of all generations of audience. The interested people will be in a position to enjoy the “Montenegro Beauties at Your Fingertips” in the Town’s Museum Gallery by the 19th March.

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