Wednesday, 13th December 2017

20.10.2017. Our Library on the 62nd International Book Fair in Belgrade

    Our Library takes part in the 62nd International Book Fair which takes place in Belgrade from 22nd to 29th October this year. Once again, we have responded to the kind invitation of our colleagues from Library of Association of the Blind of Serbia "Dr Milan Budimir" to be guests on their stand in the Hall 4 of the Belgrade Book Fair and present some of our issues in DAISY format and in Braille letters. In that way, the cooperation of the two of our libraries on the presentations of our issues at the fair, that commenced last year, will be continued. In addition, there will be made an interlibrary exchange where 50 titles in audio format should be exchanged by both parties, which has been implemented several times before. Our Library will give the Belgrade one 50 books in DAISY format, and the Belgrade library will provide ours with as many of those in digital MP3 form.

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19.10.2017. New Book in DAISY Format "Printer and Veronika"

Author: Katarina Brajović (pronunciation: Brahiovich)
Title of the book: Printer and Veronika
Narrator: Vesna Jaćimović (pronunciation: Yachimmovich)
Duration: 10 hours and 07 minutes
No. of pages in black print: 286
Publisher: Štampar Makarije (pronunciation: shtampar Makareeyeh)
Place and year of publishing: Belgrade, 2012.

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17.10.2017. New Adapted Film in Our Library

      Screening of a domestic film “The Samurai in Autumn” in a version adapted for our users, will be held in the hall of the Montenegro State Lending Library for the Visually Impaired on Wednesday, 18th October, beginning at 19 h.
 Interactive adaptation of the film will be performed live by our associate, high school teacher Igor Tomić (pronunciation: Tommeech).

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11.10.2017. New Book in DAISY Format "Mihajlo Pupin – From Chaos to Cosmos"

Author: Vojislav Budo Gledić (pronunciation: Voislav Gledich)
Title of the book: Mihajlo Pupin: From Chaos to Cosmos
Narrator: Nebojša Skenderi (pronunciation: Neboysha)
Duration: 6 hours and 38 minutes
No. of pages in black print: 189
Publisher: Štampar Makarije – Belgrade (pronunciation: shtampar Makareeyeh), Obodsko slovo – Podgorica (pronunciation: Podgoritsa) 2014.

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