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20.10.2017. Our Library on the 62nd International Book Fair in Belgrade

    Our Library takes part in the 62nd International Book Fair which takes place in Belgrade from 22nd to 29th October this year. Once again, we have responded to the kind invitation of our colleagues from Library of Association of the Blind of Serbia "Dr Milan Budimir" to be guests on their stand in the Hall 4 of the Belgrade Book Fair and present some of our issues in DAISY format and in Braille letters. In that way, the cooperation of the two of our libraries on the presentations of our issues at the fair, that commenced last year, will be continued. In addition, there will be made an interlibrary exchange where 50 titles in audio format should be exchanged by both parties, which has been implemented several times before. Our Library will give the Belgrade one 50 books in DAISY format, and the Belgrade library will provide ours with as many of those in digital MP3 form.

    Participation on the Belgrade Book Fair is very attractive because it is a prestigious culture event attended by hundreds of publishers from Serbia and surrounding countries, as well as other European countries and those outside EU every year. Traditionally, dozens of publishing houses from Montenegro exibit on the Belgrade Fair.
   The guest of the Fair, this year, is German language. Therefore, the publishing in the countries of that speaking area – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein – will have its special presentation. The Belgrade Fair is considered to be the biggest and most important in this part of Europe. So, taking part in it is very important to every publisher.
In the text below, you can find the announcement of the Fair from the portal B92.
   Austrian writer and publicist Karl Markus Gaus and academician Miro Vuksanović will open the 62nd International Book Fair on Sunday. By the 29th October, under slogan “The Key Is in the Books”, the Fair will gather nearly 500 of direct publishers, 50 of which from abroad.
The honorary guest is German language, and Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein will present themselves with the programme “Four Countries One Language”.
The visitors will be presented with round 1,000 titles by contemporary authors from all four countries, out of which 350 titles for the first time.
    The star of this year’s Fair will be Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller, and along with her, within the programme "Four Countries One Language", the guests will be: Marcel Bayer, Wladimir Kaminer, Jan Wagner, Volker Kutscher, Ingo Schulze, Arno Camenisch, Dana Grigorcea, Melinda Nagy Abonyi, Jonas Lüscher, Teresa Präauer, Valentin Grebner, Lutz Rathenow, Katrin Regla.
   The best programme commencement of the honorary guest will be "Unusual Geography", on the 23rd October, where all of the ambassadors of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Axel Dittmann, Johannes Eigner, and Philippe Guex, as well as Prince Stefan of Lichtenstein will present their countries and culture in an interesting way in conversation with the writer and former ambassador of Serbia in Vienna Dragan Velikić.
   On the Fair itself but, also, on six locations outside the Fair, the honorary guest countries prepared a rich, very intense, and diverse programme. The writers in focus of the Belgrade Book Fair are Marcel Bayer and Evgeniy Vodolazkin.
   In the course of the Fair, many programmes will observe: 800 anniversary of crowning of Stefan the First Crowned, 250 anniversary of Filip Višnjić, 125 anniversary of birth of Ivo Andrić, 150 anniversary of death of Charles Baudelaire, a century of deaths of Vladislav Petković Dis and Milutin Bojić, 170 anniversary of the “Mountain Wreath” by Njegoš, five decades of publishing "One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez and "Death and the Dervish" by Meša Selimović.
Segment called "We Remember" will be dedicated to Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz, Nikola Milošević, Stevan Raičković and Vladan Desnica, and, within that called "Enterprise”, there will be presented issues of "History of Chinese Civilisation", critic issue of "Trial" by Petar Kočić, "Efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Liberation and Unification” by Pero Slijepčević, "Political Files" by Miloš Crnjanski, "Mountain Wreath" – Boka Bay issue and "Kraljevo, One Serbian Place".
     Children programme called "New Games of Five Cockerels" will take place in the hall "Aleksandar Vučo", whose 120 anniversary of birthday will be observed, and children corner will be present on the stand of the honorary guest, too.
    Conversations on the plateau will include public debates: "What Should We Do with Cyrillic Letters?", "Njegoš and Us", "Ivo Andrić, Disputes and Indisputable Things", "Serbia and Disintegration of Yugoslavia", "A Century of Genocide over Serbs".
    There is also announced the Festival of Literature of European Mediterranean dedicated to the literature of Cyprus, while programme "Echoes of Serbian Literature" brings "Meeting with German Slavists" and "Serbian Literature in Ukraine".
Non-profit publishing literature will be the topic of programme "Publishing Spots", and, like every year, there will be arranged a series of exhibitions.
   The School Day is on the 26th October, Family Days are on the 23rd and 24th October, the Fair prizes will be awarded on the 26th October, while, on the last day of the event, there will be made a handover of the “Open Book” to the ambassador of the country which will be the honorary guest next year.
Price of individual tickets is 250 Dinars, and for group visits 150 Dinars.
    Along with the Belgrade Book Fair, there will be held Fair of Education and Teaching Aids and Fair of Information, Communication and Marketing.

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