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06.07.2017. New Book in DAISY Format "Eye of the Red Tsar"

Author: Sam Eastland
Book title: Eye of the Red Tsar
Narrator: Marko Jaćimović (pronunciation: Yachimmovich)
Duration: 8 hours and 42 minutes
No. of pages in black print: 300
Publisher: Solaris
Place and year of publishing: Novi Sad, 2010.

About the book:

It is the time of terror. Inspector Pekkala – also known as Emerald Eye – is the most famous detective of the imperial Russia. He was Tsar’s most trusted agent. He is now imprisoned by a man he used to pursue. Like millions of others, Pekkala is exiled in Gulag, Siberia and for the rest of the world it is as if he is gone, as if he is dead. However, his pardon arrives when Stalin invites him to investigate the crime. Pekkala has a mission – to find out the identity of a person who murdered the Tsar and his family and to find out where the hidden fortune of the Romanovs is. The award for the success will be freedom and a chance to reunite with the woman whom he would have married had the revolution not separated them from one another. The price for failure is death. Set in the paranoid and brutal country, such as Russia under the leadership of Stalin, the novel “Eye of the Red Tsar” introduces us to an irresistible new hero of the crime novel. The exiled detective is turned back to investigate the most famous murder in the Russian history. What distinguishes this thriller about Russia from other similar average novels is its eccentric and brilliant main character.

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