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05.06.2017. The New 74th Issue of the Magazine „Glas“ (Voice) Published for May 2017.

        The Magazine "Glas" (Voice), for May 2017, is published and distributed to the users in the country and abroad.
You have, before you, a word from the editress and the overview of the contents of your and our issue of "Glas" (Voice).

  A word from the editress

Dear readers,
      We have prepared one more issue of the magazine for May 2017. The activities in the Library for the Blind, in the previous month, were numerous, which we inform about exhaustively in the initial part of the “Glas” (Voice). From the archives of the Radio Montenegro, we publish the third story about the giant of our literature – Njegoš (pronunciation: Njegosh). Also, in the column – Literature – hear the fragments from marking the century of death of the famous poet Milutin Bojić (pronunciation: Boich). We have selected the literary critic from the reputable magazines “Ars” and “Sarajevske sveske” (pronunciation: sarrayevske sveske; Sarajevo Notebooks).
      In the part of magazine devoted to selected music notes, we bring the solo songs of Franz Schubert. At the end of May, twenty years of the renovation of the Montenegro People’s Theatre was marked with numerous events. Hear what the evening of the new building opening meant and looked like through the prism of theatre doyen. We also recorded the story of a significant achievement of the Culture Centre “Homer” – the first film adapted to the needs of the persons with impaired sight. With the film “Dječaci iz ulice Marksa i Engelsa” (pronunciation: Diehchahts iz Ulitse Marxa i Engelsa; “boys from Marx and Engels Street”), by Nikola Vukčević (pronunciation: Vukchevich), Montenegro came closer to the countries which make the film art closer to persons without sight. In the column From Different Areas, we follow the culture happenings in the country and abroad, but also inform about happenings in the libraries for the blind in the surrounding countries.
      In the columns Philosophy and Religion, there await for you the sequels of the books already begun, and current titles, as well. We hope there are plenty of reasons to devote a part of your time to reading the Magazine “Glas” (Voice).

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