Wednesday, 13th December 2017

03.04.2017. Screening of the Film for Our Users in Nikšić

     The Montenegro State Lending Library for Visually Impaired Persons organised the April screening of the film “Poslednji krug u Monci” (The Last Lap in Monza) of the director Aca Bošković, adapted for persons with impaired sight. The interactive adaptation of the film was performed by our associate, teacher Igor Tomić. The screening of the film was done on Wednesday, 29.03.2017, within the regular artistic programme of the Library. The spatial and other supporting requirements were provided by the local organisation of the blind.


About the film:
      “Poslednji krug u Monci” (The Last Lap in Monza) is a Serbian film of 1989. It was directed by Aca Bošković; screenplay was developed by Dušan Prelević. Main roles: Dragan Nikolić, Vesna Stanojević and Danilo Bata Stojković.

      The story of an outsider who has spent seven years in prison for heist. Eternal rebel, dissatisfied with the system and people who surround him, he wants to establish the path of his own justice. As a member of the Belgrade mafia, after an unsuccessful heist, due to treason, he is in jail again. After succeeding to run away, he is forced to leave the country and the only two persons who love him, his girlfriend and his mother. He leaves for Italy and, after a successful revenge, he becomes a boss of Yugoslav mafia in entire Italy. Finally, he finds his path of justice, glory, and wealth, but not love. That is the only thing waiting for him in Belgrade. He has just finished the job with his buddy for races in Monza. However, he will not be able to see the last lap in Monza.

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