Wednesday, 13th December 2017

10.02.2017. New 70th Issue of the Magazine "Glas" (Voice) Published January 2017.

The Magazine "Glas" (Voice), for January 2017, was published and distributed to the users in the country and abroad.
You have, before you, a word from the editress and the overview of the contents of your and our "Glas" (Voice).


A word from the editress
Dear readers,


    You have before you the new edition of the “Glas” (Voice), the first one in 2017. We will keep the form of the Magazine the same, this year, too, and fill it with interesting articles. In the first column, it is common for January that we bring the overview of all the titles recorded and printed in the previous year. In collaboration with the Culture Centre “Homer”, we began implementing the new project of journalism that would provide its participants with the opportunities to get employed. In the column “Literature”, read the last heading of the book “Marija” by Vukašin Vuko Vuksanović. As of the next issue, you will be delighted with a new literary creation. There is a sequel to the book of Ljubica Zeković “Gorostasi sa Sinjavine” (Giants from Mount Sinyavina).

    Along with the traditional concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a novelty, as of this issue, will also be publishing the broadcasts from the Homer’s world of classical music. Lacking the cultural events in January, the Montenegrin daily newspapers published the interviews with some significant personalities from art, culture, literature. You can read some of these interviews in our magazine, too.
This time, also waiting for you, very rich column in “Religion”, and we recommend that you, also, listen to our drama selection.
We hope that there are sufficient reasons for you to spend these cold February days along the “Glas” (Voice).

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